Professional Development


Nanaimo Spring Writes Festival

2017: Hook and Hold Your Reader Creative Nonfiction with Angie Abdou

Creative Nonfiction Collective Society Workshops

1. 2017 (UBC)

  • Who’s Afraid of the Personal Essay? – Andreas Schroeder

2. 2016 (Banff Centre)

3. 2015 (Victoria, BC)

  • Courting the ‘C’ in CNF – Betsy Warland
  • Writing Past Fear – Donna Besel, Heather Conn, Monique Gray Smith
  • Finding the Line – Tell All or Do No Harm? – Judy McFarlane, Susan Olding, Carol Shaben

University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension (2001-2003)

  • EXGEN6380: Fishing With the Line – Daphne Marlat
  • EXGEN6317: Li(v)es of Girls & Women – the Act and Art of Writing the Self
  • EXGEN6125: Nature Writing – Ed Struzik
  • EXGEN6384: The Art of Writing Short Fiction – Candas Jane Dorsey 
  • EXGEN3144: Write that Book and Get it Published
  • EXGEN6313: Writing Personal Essays
  • 2001: Writer’s Guild of Alberta Banff Writing Retreat (Ken McGoogan, Fred Stenson, and others)
  • 2000, 2001, 2002: Women’s Words Summer Writing Week


Editors’ Association of Canada/Professional Editors’ Association of Vancouver Island

University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension (2001-2003)

  • EXGEN3133: A Practical Guide to Proofreading
  • EXGEN3401: Editing Fiction
  • EXGEN3261: Effective Editing – Theory & Practice
  • EXGEN3329: Essential Editing
  • EXGEN3134: Pen for Hire – The Business of Freelance Editing

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