4 Tips for Managing your Chronic Illness Over the Holiday Season

Christmas isn’t always “the most wonderful time of the year.” Here are some tips for managing the holiday season with a chronic illness.


Finding Your Niche

I have a friend, Kim Moynahan, whom I’ve only met in person once way back in 2013. We communicate on email and Slack, we work on a lot of Science Borealis stuff together, and we’ve developed a relationship over the years that allows us to talk about freelancing, volunteering, nature, and more. Over those five…

Accepting My Limitations

Fall is coming. The geese form wiggly skeins of pointed v’s, honking over the sound of their rustling feathers as they fly low over our yard. The trees are changing colour – not because of the season, but because the drought has gone on so long that they’re too stressed to stay green. Red and…