9 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

I poll my Twitter colleagues on tips for increasing my blog reach.


Communicating Wildfire

*Edited 21 May to add books by Michael Kodas and Gary Ferguson. 2017 was the worst wildfire season on record in BC. A total of 1,342 fires burned through almost 3 million acres of forest. At the height of the fires, over 65,000 people across the province were evacuated from their homes. The three largest…

late summer grass

Federal Funding for Canadian Scicomm?

Last week my colleague Pascal Lapointe (Agence Science-Presse) and I had a post up on the Science Borealis blog suggesting that the federal government’s review of federal science funding should consider funding for science communication. Last month, Swedish communications consultant Olle Bergman suggested that 3% of research funds be used for external science communication. Consider…


Safe Passage for Fish

Road crossings over streams (often constructed using a culvert) can significantly affect fish by changing stream channel morphology, constricting streamflow, and ultimately making it difficult – if not impossible – for fish to reach upstream habitat. While it may seem like a small issue, researchers have identified ~313,000 stream crossings across British Columbia alone that…