Results of My Blogging Experiment

What it was like to blog every day for a week, and what it means for my future blogging.


Being a Book Addict (aka Bibliophile)

I am a book addict. There, I said it. Luckily being a book addict doesn’t have too many negative connotations. Except when it comes to moving house, and suddenly your book collection expands into a sea of packing boxes and you wonder if they’ve been procreating when you weren’t looking. It doesn’t help that I’m…


Talking to Interesting People

I just had an article published in Journal of the Built + Natural Environments. It’s a Q&A with Margo Farnsworth, a fellow nature writer and biomimicry expert based in Missouri. In our interview, we talk about biomimicry itself, as well as finding and making home (even when it is lost), connecting to local communities,…