Who is today’s Rachel Carson?

Rachel Carson is often seen as the driver of the modern environmental movement. But who stands in her shoes today?


Wednesday on the Web: 16 Aug Edition

This week’s Wednesday on the Web is basically a list of things that make me shake my head. And then some. In the US: 1. Charlottesville – and the fallout, including Trump’s tacit approval of neo-Nazis. 2. The defunding of a US group that fights white supremacy, the de-staffing of a US State Department office…

Environmental Regulation and Resource Development in British Columbia

This past week, Evidence for Democracy (E4D) released a report on the state of government research capacity and oversight in British Columbia. The results weren’t pretty. Government scientists feel that they don’t have enough resources to fulfill their mandates, with negative impacts on environmental regulation. Because of budget shortfalls, they increasingly rely on external professionals,…