Would you rely on your neighbours during a disaster like a wildfire or earthquake?


On Reading a Book Twice

Reading a book twice can seem like an unaffordable luxury given all the books out there waiting to be read. But it’s helpful in seeing the big picture – the forest for the trees.

Talking to Famous Authors

Yesterday my interview with Barbara Kingsolver was published at Longreads. I’ve been calling it a Q&A, because that’s how it was structured, but my writing friends have said it’s more like a conversation between two writers about the writing craft. Which is actually what it felt like when we were talking – right down to…

Science Writing: Behind the Scenes

Last week I published an article in Nature. Ha, I’ll bet you thought I meant a scientific article in the prestigious journal, Nature. Nope. I published a Careers Q&A with Dr. Aerin Jacob, a conservation scientist with the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative (Y2Y), based in Canmore. It came out in Nature Careers last Tuesday, and…


Talking to Interesting People

I just had an article published in Journal of the Built + Natural Environments. It’s a Q&A with Margo Farnsworth, a fellow nature writer and biomimicry expert based in Missouri. In our interview, we talk about biomimicry itself, as well as finding and making home (even when it is lost), connecting to local communities,…